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The last forbidden kingdom of Nepal as known as Mustang can be described by two climates and regions.Expect the January to the beginning of March rest of the months April till December is the best time for trekking in Nepal Mustang.from the beginning Month of the May often holds a Famous festival of Tiji.in the monsoon months from June to August doesn't affect badly of the trip above Kagbeni.September marks the end of monsoon on the lower belt of mustang trekking prehistoric salt trading route, across Deep through the Kali Gandaki River with cool wind bridge on your head it's the wonderful experience of trekking for the lifetime.

Spring for Upper Mustang Trek

Looking for some spital Experience along with trek, interest to look dates of Tiji festival? we would recommend you the Upper Mustang trek in Nepal.the festival dates are chosen on the basis of their own Tibetan calendar.normally the festival happens in the month of may mark as the beginning of spring in Mustang.the festival is held on the premises of the king's palace in Lo Mangthang.despite of the monsoon in another territory of the trekker's floweret same during June July and August
Winter for Upper Mustang Trek

According to stat, 80 % of local descends to the nearby cities like Pokhara and Bokhara the mid of December local start packing to leave the sacred valley of  Lo mangthang. As the winter approaches the night temperature falls as low as -25 ° C. Few people stay in the valley with adequate firewood and foods to look after an animal and the village. Big organized groups stop trekking, Upper Mustang during December, January, and February. most be well equipped with winter gears to trek Lo manthang. Experienced special language speaking guides are the most rather than trainee and assistant guide. It might be hard to figure out the trail without a proper trekking map.

October and November for Upper Mustang Trek
flawless weather and view October and November are the best recommended month for trekking in Upper Mustang. to some degree, of expedition within Upper Mustang, like Scribing peak can be carried out during these months period of years. April and May are the best for climbing and traversing high passes. Also, it is not rare to encounter a group exiting to Dolpo directly from Upper Mustang.Sight of Tibetan Plateau and view of high Himalayas you can experience amazing weather during these two months in Upper Mustang. Be prepared with windproof gears, as every afternoon strong wind from north of valley dominates the entire trail.
Find out the chart of day and night temperature of Lo mangthang ,throughout the year from January to December. Plan your holidays on right time of year for Upper Mustang. if you have more question about Mustang please feel free to contact Adventure White Mountain or you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter

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