About Restricted Area Trek

The Government of Nepal did not open some trekking routes till early 90’s. Due to certain reasons the government believed that mass penetration in such area can violate its unique identity and culture. In order to preserve the distinct feature of such area the government took such step. In 1991, with the dawn of democracy these sites were opened for foreign trekkers. Such are are known as Restricted or Controlled Area Trekking. 

Restricted or Controlled Area Trekking does not mean that it is prohibited for trekking. It simply means that it requires special permit to trek there.

Among various Restricted Region, Upper Dolpo and Upper Mustang are popular one. Trekking in this area gives different type of feeling—a feeling of being in ‘Forbidden Land’. The site gives glimpse of ancient world where the meaning of modernism still exists in dictionary only. The caves, chortens, gompas, prayer flags and local life style portray 1000 year old civilization.

Another important feature of this area is that it is the only site in the world where true Bon Po religion followers exist and practice the rituals of pure Tibetan Buddhism. The cultural Revolution of China in 1959 destroyed everything including Bon Po related gompas and monasteries in Tibet. But the revolution could not destroy the Bon Po civilization existing in those part of Nepal which shares border with Nepal. Due to this reason it is believed that Upper Dolpo is the only place in the world where last followers of Bon Po practitioners exists.