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Are you looking for the cheapest country to travel around the globe? then Nepal can be on the Top choice.Money always plays big roles in daily activities and things to do in life really it does, especially when you are planning on traveling in the world. So, deciding upon a budget is one of the most important aspects associated with trekking in Nepal to decide the right type of budget for the trip involve careful and thoughtful planning.There is something that comes with the cost  of trekking and tour in Nepal it always depends on upon your following factors 

  • Trekking place that you want to visit in Nepal 
  • The things that you want to do during the trekking trip 
  •  Trekking season that you want to visit in Nepal 
  • The time duration of your trekking trip 
  • Types of accommodation 
  • Type of transportation 
  •  Types of shopping 
  • Food and drinks 
  • Number of people in your group also plays big roles with budget
  • Number of the staff that you want to take during your trekking trip  
  • Trekking in Nepal costs considerations that most of the people want to know before planning trip

Cost of  transportation
Another important factor that impacts your budget is Transportation while trekking in Nepal as if you are traveling from one destination to another destination involves the cost to be incurred.There are many options available for Local bus, public cab, the daily flight to domestic destinations even jeep and cars.To cut down some expenses your budget you can go with the public transportation, you will also get the chance to take an adventure and new experience in the lifetime.There are many tourist buses to drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara and Chitwan and back to Kathmandu which cost start from 8 $to 30$ one way per person.The people who have limited time and don't want to do read trip they can take the flight to the most of the destination in Nepal.

List of the flight cost
Kathmandu to Pokhara: 120 $ per person Oneway
Kathmandu to Lukla: 178 $ per person one way
Kathmandu to Bhairawa: 135$ Per person one way
Pokhara to Jomsom: 138 $ per person one way 

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Cost of trekking permits
There are many different regions and conservation area to do trekking in Nepal.You need to pay a certain amount to enter in that area.The government of Nepal will issue the permits for the foreign tourists who want to do trekking in different area of Nepal.for the trekking in the restricted areas,you need to buy  special permits from immigration board of Nepal and if you want to trek in conservation area like Chitwan national park , Sagarmatha National park , Annapurna conservation area, Manaslu conservation area some of such protected area  we will need to issue the permits from Nepal Tourism Board.

The entry fee for foreign nationals for National park and conservation areas are below
Annapurna Conservation area: 20$ per person
Manaslu conservation area: 20$ per person
Sagarmatha conservation area: 37$  per person
Langtang National park: 37$ per person
Makalu Barun national park: 40$ per person
SAARC national have to pay NRs.200(2$) as the permit fees  for the restricted areas the permit charge depends on the duration of the trek in the region and the trekking season too but such as Upper Mustang and upper Dolpo area you need to pay 500$ per person for ten days but if you want to explore more then ten days in that region you will need to pay 50$ per person per day as an extra.

Cost of Accommodations 
The rooms of the tea houses in the most popular trekking  destination are of standard designed to provide you extra comfort.almost all teahouses offer twin bedroom (room with two bed) where toilet bathroom and shower are available outside from the room for low cost of the accommodation, but if you are willing to pay more you can get the room with more facilities including  bathroom and hot shower  inside. Most of the accommodation in trekking regions it cost from 4$ (400 NRs) to 15$(1500NRs) excluding meal.As well as in the mountain the hotels have their own rules that wherever you stay you need to eat in the same hotel.If you just take a room and eat outside they may charge you 5 times more only for room, it means they don't sell only the rooms.

Cost for Guide and porter
To lead the way in Mountain and take care of you we highly recommend to take a professional trekking guide.They can organize everything in advance in trekking route.and on the other hand porter are very important to make your trip easier and comfortable.normally the cost for experienced English speaking guide the cost will start from 30$ (3000NRs) to 40 $(4000) and for porter cost start from 25$(2500) to 30$( 3000NRs) they are always ready to carry your heavy backpack during the trekking in mountain.If you are satisfied with the services of your guide and appreciated their work then you are free to express your thanks for a little tip.

Other Miscellaneous costs
During the trekking in Nepal Himalaya, many areas charge you extra cost to consider your budget like charging your electronic things such as camera, Mobile phone, power bank, laptop, will cost 2$ (200NRs) per hour, as well as it is also depended on the season. Normally in offseason, there won't be many people in the hotel so at that time they may give you for free.Nowadays along with the most popular routes many tea houses sell WiFi service especially in Annapurna and Everest region and it will cost 3$ (300NRs ) per hours so if you are planning to visit Nepal here We are always ready to provide hiking details of cost, itinerary, permits,and flight details.if are looking for an information about Nepal please feel free to contact us 

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