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A ‘Yes’ to Mustang trek means ‘No’ to a comfort zone. Nepal is a city of adventurous sports consisting of dozens of trekking sites of highest height. Thread of nationality binds the Nepalese together. And, the Nepalese have the feeling of brotherhood towards you. The heaven in the world- Mustang is the best destination for travel seekers.
The Mustang area involves the southern edges of the Tibetan level and is commanded by Himalayan pinnacles, for example, Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. Trekking around the Mustang district is a wonderland. Astounding elevation varieties and biological decent variety influence this zone to flood with normal magnificence. For the most part, Buddhist and Hindus influence their journey on an excursion to Mustang. Essentially, trekking to lower and upper Mustang is the most recent pattern. The trek to Mustang rewards you with entrancing Himalayan reaches.

The classic trek to Mustang is Lower Mustang trek. The skyline trek reputed among Hindus and Buddhist where you can reach the sacred Muktinath temple. The arid landscape of the ower Mustang helps you to learn the culture, religion, and tradition of Gurung, Magar, and Tamang society. This indeed is a classy trek where you don’t need to reach the high elevation. You can enjoy the panoramic views of Himalayan ranges from the lower altitude. Before 1990, the trek to Lower Mustang was completely banned for the foreigner. Later, thinking about the needs and necessity of travelers, it was open for the trek. There is no restricted area permit to visit lower Mustang. You can travel to Lower Mustang at any time of the year.

Upper Mustang trekking is a glamorous trek around the semi-desert land. The traditional societies with religious mind still exist. The Upper Mustang region is well protected and ruled by local King of its capital Lo Manthang. They celebrate the Tiji festival which has become another center of attraction to travel seekers. Afternoon time, you can observe whispering wind flying through the dust of sandstone and mud. Upper Mustang is a mysterious hidden Tibetan Kingdom of Nepal. The world’s oldest monasteries are another main attraction of Upper Mustang. Not only seven, but there are also 20+ reasons to trek Mustang. According to the latest trend and traveler’s voice, the top 7 reasons to trek Mustang are described below:

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Trekking in Mustang-“The Forbidden Kingdom of Lo”

Mustang is popularly known as the kingdom of Lo which actually belongs to Tibetan land and culture. The walled city of Lo Manthang used to be a part of the Tibetan Kingdom. It is believed that the culture they follow was practiced a thousand years ago. The Gumbas and cave around the region conclude the region as a historic place of unique tradition and culture. Trekking is considered to be much easier along the Lo Manthang route. It’s a trading route between Tibet and India. So, the significance and power of this Kingdom are high.

Trekking to upper Mustang in Summer

Unlike other trekking, trekking to Mustang is unique. Unique in the sense that the summer season is the best time for the trek while for other trending treks, summer is a difficult one. Since the region lies in the rain shadow zone of high Himalayan peaks namely Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, it receives very less rainfall. That’s why fruit like apple finds a favorable place to grow in Mustang. The temperature remains moderate with crystal clear sky during summer.

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Religious place, unique culture, and tradition

‘Muktinath temple’ is the holy place among Buddhist and Hindus. Thousands of visitors trek to Lower Mustang only to visit sacred ‘Muktinath temple’.The trek to Mustang offers you with pre-historic cultures and traditions. The monasteries which were built thousands of years ago are the proofs that speak about the historic cultures and traditions. Thanka paintings, Buddhist arts are amazing.

Mystifying Caves

A few hollows are little and some are sufficiently bigger to make you lost inside it. The holes are found at each place of the Mustang area. It is discovered that there are more than a great many emptied space on rocks and grounds. Choser cave and Luri cave is a portion of the caverns that you experience on your way.

Tiji Festival

The oldest festival celebrated among Buddhist living in Mustang is the Tiji festival. The festival is celebrated for peace and prosperity of the people as well as the whole nation. The festival falls on the summer season. The people of Lo Manthang celebrate this festival wearing colorful dresses, playing drums, singing folk songs and dancing.

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Monasteries and Gompas

As said before, one can encounter many Monasteries and Gompas on their way. These monasteries have their own significance. The ancient art, culture, tradition, and religion of people living in Mustang are reflected by the monasteries. Ghiling Monastery, Namgyal Monastery, Ghami Monastery, Choser Cave, Luri Cave, and The GharGompa are some of the monasteries, cave, and Gompa you can observe on your trek to Mustang.

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Stunning Rock developments

Mustang region lies in between Himalayan ranges Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. Indeed, the sloppy, rugged rocks make this region lovely. The region offers very less rainfall resulting formation of naturally occurring rocks. All types of rocks can be found in this region. Upper Mustang trek yields significance for researchers.

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