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Jomsom is an excellent city situated in the Kaligandaki Valley of Mid-Western Nepal. It lies in the trans-Himalayan locale of Annapurna and sits at the base of Mt.Nilgiri and Dhaulagiri. Jomsom is a well-prepared town in the Lower Bronco area and is regularly alluded to as the Entryway to Upper Horse. 

The name Jomsom began from the Tibetan word "Dzong Sampa," which means "New Fortification." Ruler Thang Mig Chen of Thini set up the fortification to screen the development of individuals on the north-south exchange course. The post and the town were worked close to the exchange course. Local people later called the spot Dzong Sampa and bit by bit individuals visiting the spot began to articulate as "Jomsom." 

Jomsom is cut off in two parts by Kali Gandaki, the most profound canyon on the planet. The town of Jomsom is arranged at either bank of the Kali Gandaki waterway in Bronco. The elevation of Jomsom is 2,760 meters above ocean level. Jomsom falls inside the Annapurna Protection Territory. The Jomsom territory falls on the downpour shadow of Annapurna run, hence staying dry for a half year in a year.

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Thakali People and Culture in Jomsom Muktinath Trek


Kagbeni is the windiest spot in Nepal. Kagbeni is the combination of Klaligandaki and Jhong rivers. The power of the breeze in Kagbeni rivals that of a medium-scaled tropical storm. Kagbeni lies around three hours from Jomsom while in transit to Muktinath. This breezy spot in the Kaligandaki Valley has antiquated cloisters and exhibition halls that have put away Tibetan culture and conventions. The traditional houses and lifestyle of people would attract you. The restaurant serves you Thakhali food, the favorite dish of all Nepalese and you would love eating that too. 

Kagbeni Village in Mustang Region of Nepal

Day Hike to Dhumba Lake

Thumb Lake is a green water lake that sits at the base of Mt. Nilgiri. The lake is hallowed by Buddhists. Local people have fenced the lake with customary petition banners to limit guests from entering and messing with the lake water. There is an intriguing tale about the hallowed lake. Legends state that one day abruptly, the lake water turned crimson. Long after, Tibetan Buddhists performed religious services, and the lake came back to its previous green waters. 

The water of Dhumba lake is green in shading, along these lines called the green pearl of Horse. Local people come to love and ask in the lake for a superior future. Expanding fish from the lake is restricted and considered a transgression.

Day Hike to Dhumba Lake

Muktinath and Rupse Fall

Muktinath is a famous sacred temple for Buddhist as well as Hindu people. The temple is located in the Mustang Valley at an elevation of 3,170 m. Muktinath area has a Hindu beginning yet, in addition, conveys centrality for Buddhist people. An adored Buddhist master Padmasambhava is reflected in the region of Muktinath sanctuary. In this manner, Buddhist supporters from everywhere throughout the world visit Muktinath. Hindu people think washing in the waters from the taps of Muktinath cleans up the wrongdoings of life. Many followers visit the temple just to bathe in the water of Muktinath. 

Rupse Fall is a wonderful waterfall located in Jomsom. The fall is around a 2-hour drive on the way from Jomsom. It is a resting point for some neighborhood and outside visitors. Numerous voyagers select the Beni-Jomsom destination just to visit this dazzling fall while in transit to Jomsom.

Muktinath Temple and Rupse waterfalls

Mountain Biking and Rock Climbing

The area is famous for mountain biking. It's dry with barren hills which makes it perfect for biking. Professional bikers from around the globe visit the place only for biking. Tourist makes videos of biking, especially stunts in the Jomsom area. Mountain biking has become a fashion and trending activity in the modern age. 

Rock climbing is extremely adventurous. The vertical climb on high hills would give you a heavenly feeling. You can come with your team for mountain biking and rock climbing. No other destination can be a better place than Jomsom.

Rock Climbing in Annapurna Region and Mountain Biking in Annapurna Region

Thakali Cultural Village

The area is rich in diversified caste, culture, and tradition.  The warm hospitality of locals would make you smile. The village is beautifully decorated with traditional houses. Gurung, Sherpa, and Lopa ethnicities mainly reside in the area. 

They organize Yartung, which is an annual horse riding competition. Jomsom has a Mustang Eco museum to learn about the history, local clothes, and musical instruments. The people residing around the area follow Buddhism.

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