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Mardi Himal Trekking is the most visited destination of Annapurna region. The trek is peaceful, beautiful and enthusiastic compared to any other trekking destination of Nepal. The route is entirely new and was started in 2012. After that, the flow is increasing every year. And, now thousands of traveler around the globe trek to Mardi Himal each year. If you want to avoid the crowded trekking trail and feel relief, this could be the best option for you. Trekkers can observe outstanding views of Annapurna ranges, Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhre, and Manaslu region along the trail. The first section of the trail consists of stones, steps, fields, and villages. Ghandruk village and Jhinu hot Spring are the significant attractions of Mardi Himal Trek. The trek opens a broad way of viewing majestic forest areas, villages, rivers, and the valley. 

Nepal is famous for trekking. The numbers of trekking destination are increasing tourism of Nepal. The trekking trails are widely renowned for rocky, sloppy mountain ranges, Himalayas, rivers, lakes, glacier, and traditional villages. Everest region is famous for tea houses. That's why trekking to Everest region is called as Tea house trek in Nepal. Mardi Himal trek is another popular trail which is gaining name and fame in a fast way.

The trek begins from Pokhara boating on the Phewa Lake, roaming around the beautiful Pokhara city is marvelous. The trail goes along the rhododendron forest at an altitude of 3,300 m. You can observe the change in the landscape with glorious views of Mt. Machhapuchre, Annapurna South, and Mt. Hiunchuli. Climbing up the Mardi Himal Base Camp from the high camp at 3700 m is exciting and overwhelming. It takes 3-4 hours to reach the base camp, which offers eye-catching views of the Annapurna range. 

Mardi Himal Trek in September, Mardi Himal Trekking in Nepal

Mardi Himal Trek in September

September falls under autumn season in Nepal. Autumn is the king of the seasons. That's why thousands of trekkers from around the world trek to Nepal this month. Not only trekking, tours and sightseeing around Kathmandu and Pokhara city area also performed in a rapid number during this month. Autumn brings greenery in the forest areas and increases the beauty of trekking places. The month is also widely famous as 'Month of Tourism' in Nepal. 

Features of September Mardi Himal trek in Nepal

Enchanting Himalayas Views 

The trail offers spectacular views of Mt. Machhapuchre. You can observe close up view of Annapurna massif and Mt. Huinchuli. As soon as you enter Kande village, you start watching high hills and Himalayas. 

Roaming around Pokhara City

Pokhara is a famous tourist destination in Nepal. The Phewa Lake, Lakeside, Begnas Lake, Peace Pagoda, Devis Fall, Mahendra cave, bat cave, etc. are the major attractions of Pokhara. The hotels around lakeside open the whole night. And, you can observe events om different restaurants every day. It's excellent boating on Fewa lake. 

Crystal clear skies and environment

The skies look dashing enough to make your day go well. Rainfall is low with moderate temperature. Ultimately, the landscapes of the Himalayas and high hills would catch your eyes. You can witness a fabulous scenario of traditional villages, forest, rivers and valleys om the trail. 

Rich Flora and fauna

The month is cherry blossom period in Nepal. The greenery of forest areas filled with varieties of flowers, animals, and vegetation would add the next level of excitement during the trek.

Mardi Himal Trek in September, Mardi Himal Trekking in Nepal

Forest base Camp 

The charming timberland of birch, rhododendron, mountain oak, maple, and hemlock makes the trek to surprising. In the case of bright climate, you will see the dazzling mountain sees while trekking. 

Low camp and High camp 

As you move to the lower base camp, the perspective on vegetation; greeneries and lichen, tree plants and orchids will undoubtedly charm you. There are natural windows in the forest areas that post onto new displays cross towards Annapurna South. Far beneath, to one side, we can see the Modi Khola Valley driving up into the Annapurna. Even though still encompassed by timberland, you will get the chance to have a fantastic northern perspective on the nearer and nearer 'Fishtail.' Only a short, soak climb, and we are out of the timberland. An edge, presently verdant and in some cases under the snow, takes us up to High Camp.

Mardi Himal Trek in September, Mardi Himal Trekking in Nepal

Lifestyle of Locals

Yes, you get the option to gain adequate knowledge of locals residing, their culture, tradition, custom, religion, and festival. The warm welcome by lodges would bring a smile on your face. 

Happy Trail

The trekking difficulty is easy. There're no tight trails and glaciers. But physical fitness is essential for the trek because you need to trek for an average of 5 hours each day. That's why the planning of the trek is necessary to make the Mardi Himal Trek journey successful. 

Weather Condition of Mardi Himal trek in September

There's no doubt that Nepal experiences varieties of weather changes. And, the weather of Nepal is unpredictable. September falls under autumn, and Mardi Himal Base Camp gets clear up by summer monsoon in this month. You can observe the outstanding landscape of sunrise and sunset each day. The temperature is moderate, nearly 20during the day time and can drop to 5 in the night. The risk of leeches and mosquitoes are low, and rainfall is very less in early September. 

Mardi Himal Trek in September, Mardi Himal trekking in Nepal

Food and Accommodation during the Mardi Himal Trek 

You can find plenty of tea houses offering a wide range of western dishes on the trail. The standard food items among them are National Food (Daal, Bhat, and Curry), Snacks, Soft Drinks, Chow mein, and Mo: Mo. Pasta, Popcorn, drinks including tea, coffee, alcohol can be found on the tea houses. We recommend not to drink alcohol during the trek because it degrades your health condition. 


Mardi Himal Trek is the short trek leading towards the lap of Annapurna ranges. Trekking in Mardi himal is a comfort. The difficulty level is low and comfortable for all travelers. However, earlier preparation is mandatory. For detailed further information of the trek, please feel free to contact us any time.

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