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Nepal is top spot to visit in order to explore the pure natural beauty, top panoramic peaks, and beautiful cities. Though in order to discover new places you must choose the suitable period of time. So, to experience the best tour in Nepal you must be able to choose which time is ideal. However, the most popular time to visit Nepal is spring and autumn but trekking in winter has distinct merits. Winter season is the best season to visit around the country as well as to climb the highest peak in Nepal. During the wintertime, rainfall is so rare. During the months of winter, December, January, and February, the skies are crystal clear which means you can witness the clear views of hills and mountains. 

There are several reasons to visit Nepal in winter. During winter the atmosphere of Himalayas is very fresh and crispy. One can enjoy charming trekking experience during winter in the Himalayas, which is unique in its own right. Though the climate is so cold during the winter, the sunny winter days are really great for trekking. One must have strong physical strength in order to trek in the Himalayan part of Nepal. In winter trekking at higher altitude is very difficult. So some of the famous trekking spots during the winter season are Everest Panorama Trek  Annapurna Panorama Trek Langtang Valley trek Short Everest Trek and Cultural Blend Adventure Tour. During the course of trekking, you can explore many highlighting features of Nepal like the lifestyle of people of different ethnic groups in the Himalayan region. You may explore famous monasteries, gompas, mani walls and chortens. You can have the life experience and unforgettable memory after trekking in Nepal during the best season (winter). 

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