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Tribes in Himalaya mainly follows the religion of Buddha, Islam and Hindu. There are many myths and legends to be heard in Himalaya. The most popular is YETI.

The Himalaya ranges consist of tribes predominant in Northeast India, Nepal, Bhutan, and many parts of West Bengal. There are more than 80 tribes and sub-tribes from the Arunachal Pradesh only. Tribes, there mainly rely on plants and yaks. Most of the meat production is from Yak. The Yak also gives milk, cheese, and butter. The main plantation provides vegetables and other daily stuff for the tribes living in the Himalaya.

Hunting is one of the most popular daily activities of the people living in the Himalayas and surrounding areas. There are places in Himalaya region where indoor and outdoor hunting is permitted to the locals and far-residents. Having said that, Himalaya region is the wonderful site with loads of endangered species and there are many animals which people cannot hunt. Most tourists spend their time in Himalayas hunting animals. Some of the major issues of this culture are, the Locals and the tourists (most of them) have turned into poachers, killing musks and other important animals and selling their skins and other valuable parts.

There are many people living on the Himalaya. The tribe differs from sherpas of Nepal to Kashmiris. The Himalaya region is remote. There is no development or to say the least development. People rely on herbs for their medicines. In case of any diseases, the people rely on roots of different plants. The abundant plant is Rhododendron. Juices of Rhododendronis extracted which is used for cuts and wounds. The juice is also used for drinking.

Tribes in Himalaya mainly follows the religion of Buddha, Islam, and Hindu. There are many myths and legends to be heard in Himalaya. The most popular is YETI. We have already discussed the Ape-faced Snow Giant in our previous blog. It is believed that the people have seen YETI. The costumes in Himalaya is very much different to the people in Hilly region. The lifestyle and dressing style is totally different from all the regions in the World. People in Himalaya speak Tibetan to the most. Sherpa people have their own distinct language. The languages from Nepal, India, Kashmir are mostly used here. Some of the major languages are Baram, Black Mountain Monpa, Bumthang, Yampu, Zaiwa and much more.It is always fascinating to know about the culture which is totally strange to us. The way people live at the Himalaya is certainly astonishing for all the tourists. We will able to learn about the cultures, facts, lifestyles, customs about them once we visit the Himalayas. Certainly, the coldest region to live in but is Worth it!!

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