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Normally people get confused, is Monsoon a right time for trekking? There is the misconception among the people that during the monsoon season there would be a lot of raining daily but it’s not People think that it rains 24 hours in the monsoon but it is not so.In the context of Nepal, trekking during the Monsoon brings enthrallment among the trekkers. Presence of trekkers in Monsoon is far less than during the time of spring and autumn. What makes monsoon trekking different is unstable landscapes, lush green forests and occasional storms. The monsoon season starts from around mid-June and ends in early September. Due to the geographical varies in Nepal there are some possibilities of trekking in rain shadowed region during the monsoon time. 

Why Trek during the Monsoon season? 
During monsoon, trekking spots are less crowded than seasonable times. One can enjoy the entire beauty by himself. Another fascinating thing about trekking in monsoon is, during the rain you can enjoy the rain sitting on the balcony of the tea houses. Here are some answers, why one should trek during monsoon.

 Beautiful sunrises 
The dazzling views of sunrises can be experienced in the morning. During the monsoon, it generally rains during the night and in the morning skies start clearing up which means trekkers can enjoy the great sunrise and have the warm day for trekking as well.

 Scenic beauty 
Beautiful flowers blossoming around, green hills, forests and terrace farm looks eye-catching. Likewise, waterfalls look extremely gorgeous and fast flowing rivers are beautiful to watch out for.

 Enjoy Quaint Mountainous all by yourself 
During monsoon, generally, trails are less crowded, as one can enjoy the pure nature by himself. Similarly, exploring mind-blowing snowcapped peaks by yourself will be one of the best feelings in the life time. So to experience the great Himalayan stuff by yourself, enjoy the trekking in monsoon time. 
Best Places to trek in Monsoon:

The Annapurna Circuit Trek
Annapurna circuit trek is one of the admired trekking destinations of Nepal. Manang, Thorong La Pass, and Muktinath, these places fall under the rain shadow region which is absolutely amazing to trek during monsoon. Experience jaw dropping views of Annapurna Mountains, Muktinath along with green and lush agricultural terrace fields of Manang. The noticeable trail of this circuit will make the things easy and you don’t have to worry about getting lost. Teahouse in this circuit is absolutely amazing with quality services. Those delicious looking foods will make you trekking even more charming. The local people are so loyal in their hospitality. 
Duration: 13-14 days.

Manaslu Base Camp Trek 
Manaslu trek also falls under the rain shadow region as it will one of the best options to trek during the monsoon. You can experience the biological diversity of the region during this trek. Magnificent views of Mt. Manaslu-eight tallest peak in the world. Similarly, stunning passes like Larky La pass will make trekking more adventurous as well. Interaction with local people and exchanging their unique culture is another side feature of this trek.
Duration: 14 days

Upper Mustang Trek 
Upper Mustang is one of the rain shadow regions lies in Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges. Semi-arid and cool climate of this region has less chance of rain. No need to worry about rain as the entire trek is rain shadowed. Explore the hidden kingdom of Mustang and enjoy the breathtaking views of Mountain peaks. Similarly, you can experience the Buddhist and Tibetan culture as well. During the course of the trek, the trail leads you through the world’s deepest gorge-Kaligandaki and beautiful villages. 
Duration: 14 days 

Dolpa Circuit
Want to experience pure and miraculous nature, then you won’t get better than Dolpa circuit. This underrated circuit trek has a lot to offer for trekkers. During the trek, you can explore Lake-Shey Phoksundo, which is deepest Lake of Nepal.  Similarly, this trek is culturally so good to watch out for, as you can learn local culture-Buddhist from the local people. Altogether this one will be the best option for one to trek during monsoon.
Duration: 12-14 days 

Everest Base Camp Trek 
Everest Base camp trek is one of the famous treks throughout the world as well. During the trekking season this trek is so crowded but during monsoon number of trekkers decreases ominously. Though there will be some rainfall during the beginning of the trek as you gain higher altitude the percentage of rainfall reduces. As you gain higher altitude majestic landscapes will await you. Spectacular views of the tallest peak in the world from the trail are very fascinating to watch. Stunning Khumbu glacier and Kala Patthar makes entire trek worth it. During the course of the trail, explore beautiful villages, Monasteries, and chortens. 
Duration: 12-13 days 

Humla Limi valley trek 
Limi Valley is one of the unrecognized travel destination of Nepal. This remote area has a lot to offer for trekkers.  This trek dazzling views of panoramic peaks like Mt. Saipa, Mt. Kailash and other ranges. Culturally as well this trek is really important, as one can learn Buddhism and their culture during this trek. Remote areas are always fascinating to trek for as you can experience terrace fields and a farmer growing crops. If you luck is by your side then you can witness wild animals like snow leopard, musk deer, and blue sheep. 
Duration: 17-21 days

Interesting Facts
Leach Therapy is one the benefits of trekking during monsoon season. It is proven by scientifically that leach sucks impure blood from human and makes us healthy by boosting the immunity.

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