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Individuals may undertake trekking in Nepal at any time of the year. On broad classifications, there are four different seasons in Nepal and each season has its unique attraction to provide to trekkers. Nepal trekking seasons are as follows

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Autumn Season

The Autumn season in Nepal begins in September and goes up to November. Expert trekkers consider the autumn season the best time to experience trek activities in Nepal. This season provides individuals with pleasant weather and outstanding mountain views. Moderate temperature levels, clear sky, and panoramic mountain views make the autumn season one of the best times to do almost every trek activity in Nepal. Occasional and short storms may result in the dump of snow at high altitude mountain regions. 

Winter Season

The Winter season in Nepal is from December to February. The Winter season is noticeable for snowfall at higher elevations in the entire Himalayan region. Although the season has cold weather during the nighttime, it gives a blue sky or a clear day with relatively fewer number trekkers on the trail. 
However, you have to be selective while choosing a particular winter trek, as crossing and climbing high mountain passes during the winter months may not be an ideal option. Because of this, treks, such as Annapurna Panorama, Everest base camp, Annapurna Dhaulagiri, and Annapurna Sanctuary treks may not be ideal treks to perform during the winter months. 

Spring Season

The Spring season in Nepal lies between March and May. Here, you will find a wide variety of wildflowers, particularly; rhododendrons constitute the prime attraction across the entire hillside. Moreover, you will find mild warm weather at low elevations and excellent mountain views at a higher elevations, along with moderate temperatures. 

Summer Season

The summer season in Nepal starts from June and goes until the middle of September making the entire trek journey warm and wet. These are perfect times for keen botanists, as higher valley areas and meadows blossom with lush vegetation and flowers. Trekking in rain and shadow areas in the northern Himalayan region, such as Dolpo and Upper Mustang may be ideal trekking options for individuals during the summer months. 

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