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Trekking in August has been one of the new trends in Nepal nowadays. August is the month when the monsoon is about to end. The sky is clear and the views are dazzling to enjoy for. Similarly, trekking in August gives the opportunity to experience green terrace fields, tea houses, and scenic beauty. One of the suitable trekking destinations to trek in the month of August is Manaslu trek. Manaslu Base Camp trek is one of the well-admired trekking spot situated in Gorkha District of Nepal at the elevation of 4800 meters. Manaslu peak is the 8th highest peak in the world have an altitude of 8156 meters. This trek was officially opened in 1992 and a special permit is required for trekking in this peak because the Manaslu region is one of the restricted trekking routes of Nepal. Due to open border and Tibet in this region to avoid any sorts of foreign problems, special permits have been issued by the government to trek in Manaslu region.

Manaslu Base camp trek begins with the scenic drive from Kathmandu to SotiKhola then the trail is followed by Macchakhola, Jagat, Dang, Namrung, Samagaun and finally base camp. It takes about 9-10 days to reach base camp. Standing in front of the 8th tallest peak in the world gives different feelings. During the trial, the route offers mind-blowing views of peaks like Himal Chuli (7793 m), Ganesh Himal (7319m), Shringi Himal (7187 m) and Manaslu Himal (8156 m). After reaching base camp we will spend some quality time, take some pictures and return back via the same route. This trek offers splendid views of mountains, the mixture of rich cultural heritages, candid adventure, unbeatable beauty, and biological variety. Beautiful forests of rhododendron and pine trees can be experienced. The houses of this region are so unique made up of stones and piles of firewood, water driven prayers wheel.

During the trek experienced trekking leader will explain about the Manaslu region that you need to know about it. The unbeatable and untouched beauty of this region makes this trekking so unique and exciting one. Manaslu Conservation area is another major attraction of this trek which provides the chance to witness abundant species of flora and fauna. Pristine and pure nature can be explored in this trek, so to have thrilled trekking experience, Manaslu Base camp trek is best for adventure seekers.

Weather and Climate in Manaslu trek 

Generally August is the month when Monsoon season comes to an end. Though some time rain may occur generally rain occurs during the night. In the morning the sky becomes clear and the sun rising views ate stunning to watch. Temperature is moderate this month and it promises amazing views of peaks and natural beauty.

People and culture in Manaslu Region 

Manaslu region is situated between Nepal and Tibet. Most of the local peoples are of Tibetan origin and speak their own language. They do have their own culture and lifestyle. Most of the local follow Buddhism in this region which gives trekkers chance to learn their culture and tradition. Similarly, this trek lets us visit ancient Monasteries and Gompasof this region. The hospitality of the people are charming and their loyalty will win the heart of many trekkers.

Manaslu Trek Difficulties

This trek is not as much difficult than trekkers think about it. Though trekkers must be ready physically and mentally. Having climbing experience would be even far better to complete this trek successfully. Trekkers may find a bit difficult while passing through some steep downhill terrain. Stunning passes of Larke La is one of the difficult routes of this trek.

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