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The place often where the myth wonders. Far in the Western region of Nepal, there exists a paradise. Located in the upper region of the Dolpo district. Dolpo is the hidden destination covered by the mist of beautiful clouds.  The Dolpo region offers you the presence of a range of soaring mountains in the beautiful gown of snow. Situating near Tibet, the mass in the Dolpo region highly follows the Tibetian practices. Almost everyone in the Dolpo region follows the Bon religion also referred to as Buddhists.  

The Dolpo region is very difficult to access. Because of its beautiful as well as troublesome geography, there has not been much development. Despite its mechanical development, the Dolpo region is popular for trekking and tourism. Also, the popular attraction of the Dolpo region is Phoksundo Lake and Rara Lake. The region is divided into two parts. Lower Dolpo Region and Upper Dolpo Region are the dream destination for people who are adventure seekers. You can go up to 5,000m and there will still be so much left. 

  • Passing through stunning landscapes and villages.

  • Experience a Tibetian dominated society

  • Watch the alluring Phoksundo Lake and Rara Lake 

  • Visit the Shey Phoksundo National Park and Bardia National Park

Starting with the Lower Dolpo Region treks in the off-beaten paths offer you the glance of mighty peaks.  This region of Dolpo lies in the further northern region from the Dhalauagiri range. If you want to trek this region of Dolpo, you can find Lower Dolpo Trekking for various options available to do the trek. The caravans of yaks will carry your baggage. So, when you go for the trek, be sure to minimize the load you will carry.   The region amazes you with the beautiful sprinkled landscapes of the mystique Himalayas. Explore the hidden trails, and watch the untouched culture of Tibetian Buddhism. These cultures are still primitive without a touch of the modern era.  The main attraction of the region is the magically beautiful Phoksundo Lake. The bluish sky mirrored color amazes everyone that encounters this beauty. Also, the great number of beautiful monasteries with enchanting writings will give you a peaceful mind.

Dolpo doesn’t have that much for you. If you want to move deeper into the Himalayas, you can visit the Upper Dolpo Region. The hardcore trekkers and adventure enthusiasts even go beyond the lower Dolpo region.  You need to be extremely ready as the Upper Dolpo region mostly resides above 4000m altitude.  So if you dare to visit the magical place surrounded by beautiful mountains, you can choose the Upper Dolpo Trekking and make a lifetime memory from it. Also, the quite popular Mustang can be adjoined from Upper Dolpo.

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Highlights of the Dolpo Region

  • The main attraction of the Dolpo Region is the mesmerizing Shey Phoksundo Lake

  • Experience the extreme rare cultural society  of Nepal

  • Catch the outstanding opportunity to  sightsee Snow Leopard at Shey Phoksundo National Park

  • Learn about the ancient 800 old years, of Shey Gompa at the base of Crystal Mountain

  • The legendary hunt of Yarsagumba begins. Have a glance at the Yarsa Hunt. 

  • Rara Lake is the biggest lake in Nepal

  • Skiing at a peak like Mt. Putha is worthwhile. 

  • The ethnic society of Tibetian Culture is preserved in its primeval stage.

Getting to Dolpo Region

Most of the visitors take a straight flight from Kathmandu or Pokhara to Nepalgunj. The Western Remote area of Nepal hasn’t many great infrastructures. So, there aren’t any direct flights from Kathmandu/ Pokhara to the Juphal of Dolpa Region.  So we take a flight to Nepalgunj and then to Juphal. And what worries is that Juphal is just a tiny mountain airstrip.

You can also choose to take a ride from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj, but that is a very long ride.  So, possibly the best way to get into Dolpo Region is that, either you take a flight to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu or Pokhara and then take a flight to the Juphal. 

Also, you can charter a chopper to fly to Juphal.

Permits and Regulations 

On the border side to Tibet, the Dolpo region is totally different from the other places in Nepal.  The difficult geography and ancient importance it holds stop a crowd of trekkers from flooding into Dolpa Region.

More importantly, the trekking permits required to visit the Dolpo region are quite expensive.  The trekking permit costs about

  • Lower Dolpo Region: USD $10 per week

  • Upper Dolpo Region: USD $50 per day (Minimum 10 days of permits required)

Besides that, the Government of Nepal has set limits on the number of foreign trekkers who could visit the Upper Dolpo region.  In a year, only 250 foreign trekkers can go Upper Dolpo region. 

Also, the trekkers aren’t allowed to go to the Upper Dolpo Region individually.  A properly registered guide must be with the trekkers. 

On top of that, you can also visit the Shey Phoksundo National Park, which costs only Rs. 1000 as an entry free. However, it’s mandatory. 

Difficulty in Dolpo Region

The remoteness of the Western Dolpo Region is unimaginable.  The food barely grows, and communication. Well, let’s forget about that.  Depending upon, what your trekking agencies supply, you, be prepared fully. Check out what we provide in the Dolpo Region Trekking. To be on the safe side, bring a sleeping bag yourself. 

The geographical variations we find here are unbelievable. From 1000 meters to 5,000 plus meters, the paths are going to change drastically.  There are three high passes that are above 5000 meters. And to trek to Upper Dolpo Region, we have to spend many nights above 3,500 meters. And that is just discouraging. 

Besides that, we have to carry our own food supplies. For this reason, trekking in the Dolpo region is considered a finicky one.  So, we don’t suggest you do the trek unless you don’t have any prior high-altitude trekking experience. The Upper Dolpo Region Trekking and Lower Dolpo Region Trekking require enough determination and willpower. 

Accommodations and meal

Given the lack of proper facilities and very few houses.  Only a couple of houses will provide the food and lodging facilities.  So, most of the trekking groups will take full catering services to provide them with food.  

Still, it needs to be considered that, the Dolpo region is limited to food.  Also, about the lodging services, there are some houses and tea shops that may provide you with a lodging facility. However, it is strongly recommended that you should not rely on them and take your own tents and sleeping bags. 

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