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Fun packages for all

A travel experience should not be restricted to rigid itineraries, hence at Adventure White Mountain, we provide you with mixed group packages where you can join in people from different cultures, mingle with them while still having the freedom to customize the itineraries to your liking. The experience of traveling is for all, with us whether you are a solo traveler or a group we make sure everyone gets to enjoy an engaging and unique experience.

Well Trained and Experienced Field Staff

Our field staff apart from being certified have years of experiencing backing them up, having been raised in these areas of travel they are well equipped to handle the at times challenging trails. Their experience also makes them extremely quick on their feet, navigating through any challenge with ease. They also have polished people's skills and interaction are always extremely friendly but professional nonetheless.

Certified Equipment

Traveling to the remote areas of Nepal has to be done with caution, at Adventure White Mountain from our guides to our equipment’s exercise this. We only use certified equipment made to handle the intense landscape of the country, safety is our top priority and we make sure to exercise this with the full commitment which includes appropriately certified equipment along with certified professionals guiding you. 

Authentic Information

We are known for the way we communicate the travel plans to you, we do not like to sugar coat and hence will give you honest briefings and authentic information so that you can make an informed decision. We want our clients to be able to share their worries, hopes, and concerns from the get-go and hence will make sure that from the very beginning to the very end keep an open and honest line of communication. This kind of information sharing has led us to build trust and bond faster with our clients.

Real-Time Responses

Most of our clients come from different time zone hence we try our best to update you with responses as soon as we get them, our lines of communications are open 24/7 and we reply in real time to make sure that we utilize your time effectively. Planning a trip can be quite exhausting and with our fast responses, decision making on your part happens faster and with more ease. Our communicators are also fluent in English allowing for an easy exchange of information between both parties.

Professional Work Ethic

Although tourism is an industry where spontaneity is welcomed when it comes to work we are always extremely active and professional. From dealing with our clients in executing the trips our organization company practices a strong level of professionalism and work ethic. Our objective with these practices is to make sure that we are productive, time efficient and well trusted by you. Our trips are always organized to perfection and maintain a high level of service throughout. These practices have led to many words of mouth customers impressed by how quickly and efficiently we do business.

Prepared for emergency risk & issues

Our approach to traveling around Nepal is extremely realistic which means we do not shy away from the concerns that sometimes risks and issues during the trip may arise. Due to this very acceptance, our company practices a set of contingency plans for when things don’t go as to plan, we practice our communication channels and test out these plans to ensure that when or if it does occur we are able to conduct everything without a hassle. Our field guides are also very cautious and are regularly checking up on our climbers and hikers to ensure that they are not victims of the dangers such as altitude sickness lurking around in the mountains.

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