• Dipak Sapkota

    Dipak Sapkota

    Managing Director

    Mr. Dipak Sapkota, a true example of success in the travel and tourism field. Started as a porter, since then his hard working ability has made him one of the successful person now. After a porter his experience and confidence had increased day by day. After that he used to guide for 6 years which means he had a lot of experience further in this sector. He is well qualified as he has passed Bachelor on travel and tourism and have experience of working 10 years. After having a lot of success in the past then he worked as a travel manager for 3 years. Now he is directive manager of this agency. The status above shows that his professional skills and well experience in this field. His communicating skill has received consistently high marks from the member of visitor. His leadership skill is in the top of the peak. 
    He has collected vast experience in this field by guiding the national and international teams to different major regions of Nepal. He has depth knowledge about the major trail of famous trekking spot of Nepal. He is great team player as he can manage the team effectively. He has got vast range experience in arranging expeditions to many major Mountain peaks in the support of well qualified teams. He has got versatile skills of handling organization and running the business effectively. His education qualification has come in the role to play how to run the organization in dynamic ways. He is role model for all the teams of his agency. He is solution oriented person with great personality. His professionalism has been great as he has ability of maintaining and increasing mutual beneficial relation with other people as well. His devotion and commitment in this field has been really a inspiration for us. 

  • Sambhu Subedi

    Sambhu Subedi

    Trekking Guide

    Mr. Subedi is a dynamic and energetic guide with 10 years of experience. His superior talent of communicating with visitors has made him so prolific. His English speaking ability is so good. Similarly he is so good at leadership and his problem solving abilities during the trekking has been outstanding. He also has got license of trekking guide which reflects his trekking experience. He is an exceptional customer service as he provide flexibility and support to the trekkers throughout the trekking trail.

  • Dipen Sapkota

    Dipen Sapkota

    Trekking Guide

    Mr. Sapkota is currently trekking guide who has an experience of 6 years in this field. He has got immense experience of climbing the peak. Before he became a well experienced guide his career was started as a porter. He has got an adaptable skill with experience in guest’s service. He has good communication skill as he can communicate perfectly with foreign languages. He is initiative in his own work as well as best in working as a team member. 

  • Dilli Prasad Lamsal

    Dilli Prasad Lamsal

    Trekking Guide

    Mr. Lamsal, well experience and energetic guide with good communicating skills. He is another example of hard working person as he is working in this field since 7 years. He has ability of speaking different foreign languages. His cooperative attitude towards trekkers shows his experience more worthy. He is so enthusiastic guide who love adventure and outdoors very keenly. He also give his best in improvement on his skill day by day which means his commitment in this field is so good.

  • Gaurav Nepal

    Gaurav Nepal

    Trekking Guide

    Mr.Nepal, a self-motivated, faithful, convincing and energetic guide who has an experience of 5 years. Working in this field since 5 years of experience now he has got all the abilities that a perfect guide should have. He has got excellent interpersonal skill as well both individual and teams. He is so quick learner as he has got best at adaptability features. Speaking foreign language with best communicative skill shows his maturity as well.

  • Gopal Thapa

    Gopal Thapa

    Trekking Guide

    Mr.Thapa whose status of experience of working for 25 years shows at all that he is an expert in this field. He is so good in speaking English. He manages the tour management system effectively. Normally guides become so popular after charming and loyal personality to the visitors and he is so good at it. He is matured, trustworthy and reliable guide with an outstanding leadership skill and flexibility. His oral communication with visitors is as good as he speaks foreign language so fluently. He has explore almost major trekking route of Nepal.