"We love what we do, and we thrive to become the most reliable travel partner in Nepal for people around the world."

Explore Nepal and the Himalayas with us, Adventure White Mountain, a local Nepali travel company. We are a registered travel and tour company in Nepal, serving in the industry for many years. Established by travel lovers, we aim to provide the best trekking, tour, and expedition itineraries around Nepal. 

We have travel packages for all types of travelers whether you like to immerse in the culture, get close to wildlife, or test your endurance on the rugged trekking trails of the Himalayas. 

We understand every journey is different, and no journey can evoke the same feeling for every traveler. Therefore, the team at Adventure White Mountain aims to meet the needs of each guest and provide as smoothest journeys as possible. We personally take care of all of our guests from the beginning to the end of the trip. 

Our guides are licensed and certified in different levels of outdoor activities. From mountain guide courses to rescue courses and first aid courses, we make sure our guests are trekking with the most reliable guides who can handle any adverse situation. 

Our trips are very adventurous yet very safe. Especially while traveling in the Himalayas, we give extra attention to small details to offer comfortable trips to our guests. We never cross our boundaries to give cheap deals to get more customers. Likewise, we never compromise the safety of our guests for a few extra bucks. While trekking with us, you'll be safe and secure. 

At Adventure White Mountain, we offer eco-friendly ventures. We have adopted multiple measures to make sure our trips in the Himalayas only leave a footprint behind. Not only do our on-field crew members strictly follow the guidelines we have made to protect the environment, but we also urge our guests to do so. 

Furthermore, we also actively contribute to the mountain community and to our roots, the places our core team members belong from. We have been contributing to the local economy and working closely with the locals to bring the businesses to the mountains. 

Till now we have been able to organize 98% of successful trips in the Himalayas. Get local leaders and guides, tailor-made trips, and once-in-a-lifetime ventures with us. 

Let's Travel Together, Create Memories Together!

Mission Statement:

  • To provide quality services to our customers at affordable prices.
  • To present Nepal in our way, the best way.
  • To support the communities and local people in the area of our business.


  • Nepal Tourism Board (NTB)
  • Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA)
  • Himalayan Rescue Association (HRA)
  • Trekking Agents Association of Nepal(TAAN)
  • Kathmandu Environmental Education Project(KEEP)
  • International Porters Protection Group (IPPG)
  • All AWM staff are well trained, and the new members participate in various training programs conducted by NTB, TAAN, KEEP, ACAP, and IPPG.