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A company that believes in sharing knowledge Adventure White Mountain has almost a decade of experience backing them up.  The founder Dipak Sapkota who began the journey in the industry as a support staff later went on to take in many roles, each bettering him as a result, today he has channeled all that he has learned into this…

Terms and Conditions

As a government-registered trekking and travel company, we feel it is in our best interest to offer the best possible services to our national and international customers. While striving to maintain a high quality of service and competitiveness, we have put forward these conditions that will benefit you when you select to travel with us to Nepal. These conditions are…

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Trekking in Nepal is an amazing way to let the rich culture, the breathtaking landscape and views seep into you. One of the biggest strengths of the country is the diversity it offers the explorers, whether it’s a relaxed journey around the valley settlements of ethnic groups or more challenging ones where you seek the vantage point to peaks…

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Fun packages for all

A travel experience should not be restricted to rigid itineraries, hence at Adventure White Mountain, we provide you with mixed group packages where you can join in people from different cultures, mingle with them while still having the freedom to customize the itineraries to your liking. The experience of traveling is for all, with us whether…

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