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Since the early days, Khumbu region is widely inhabited by Sherpas. Often considered as people from the Himalayas, Sherpa people have an amazing culture. Somewhat related to Tibetan tribe or often considered as Tiben tribe, word "Sherpa" comes from Tibetan language Shar pa, which means "people living in the east".  According to some beliefs, these people came to Nepal from Kham region of Tibet some thousand years ago. But in some portals, historians believe that Sherpas where nomads, they were driven from their homeland (Tibet) during some 12th centuries AD. 

The population of Sherpa is believed to be ard  50,000 in Nepal and most of the inhabitants in Khumbu region of the country, in the southern part of Mount Everest. Sherpas speak Sherpa, a Tibetan Dialect. But the language has the mass contribution from other languages. They widely use the script of Tibet to write. The culture totally varies from the other region of the country.

"What is the best thing about Sherpa?" Simple Answer is Folklore. What is the best Folklore? YETI. Yeti is known as "Abominable Snowman" is infamous for is existence and myths. It is believed that Yeti would attack and terrorize the local villagers. And some elder people gathered around to kill the Snowman. They brought local alcohol with them. They believed that YETIS were hiding somewhere and looking at them. The locals drank the local alcohol (chhyang) and pretended to fight themselves and they left. Imitating them, YETI started drinking and fighting themselves. At the end of the day, they killed themselves. SOme were left. The left one swore revenge and hence a myth was born. 

Sherpa follows Buddhism, The Nyingmapa sect: of Buddhism. This is believed to be the oldest sect in Buddism in Tibet. The great Himalayan mountains are worshipped as gods and goddesses. Mount Everest is believed to be Mother Of The World. And Mt Makalu is worshipped as Shankar (Shiva).  Each clan recognizes mountain gods taking the reference of the peaks. The Lamas are considered to be the spiritual leaders around the Himalayas. The sherpas are fond of Monasteries and Gumbas. "Sherpa" is famous for its hospitality too. They do not want their visitors to leave the house without drinks. They live on the sheer of the mountain slopes, where more of the flat land is available. They are divided into the number of clans called ru. A person should marry outside of the clan.There are things which will make people believe that staying with Sherpa tribe is worth-while. The culture they follow, Language they speak. More Important their Hospitality! 

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