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High hill, environmental chill and delicious meal make your trip stunning to Langtang valley. Langtang Valley trek is the short trek, especially famous for glaciers, traditional ethnic villages, and dense forest. Exploring the cultures and traditions is another important reason to trek Langtang valley.

Langtang  trek is a life-long memorable trek. The Langtang Valley Trek goes along the Langtang National Park offering you an opportunity to encounter many birds and animals species. The sight of a LangtangLirung range is the highlight of the trek. It takes you to an altitude of 4,984 m. LangtangLirung (7,425 m), Kimshun (6745m) and Shalbachum (6928m) are the major peaks of the Langtang region.

Langtang valley trek can be done in 6-7 days. However, if you go on surfing the Internet, you will find that the itinerary is 11-12 days long. Since the difficulty level is easy, physical fitness doesn’t bother the trek. Also, if you choose peak season, the weather condition doesn’t hindrance your trek.

langtang valley trek difficulty, langtang trek difficulty

How to get there

The trek begins from Kathmandu valley with a short drive to SybruBensi. Trekking towards the Langtang village, the track proceeds to KyangjinGompa (3,740m). This is the site of the Yala Cheese Production line. There is a STOL airstrip at Chaldang, a short separation east of Kyangjin. Visiting the Yala Cheddar factory and the small lakes beyond Yala are worthwhile. Yala can be reached with half a day from KyangjinGompa. FromKyangjinGompa, a continuation to the fields of Langsisa (4,048m) gives the great perspectives of various glaciers. There are few hovels in Langsisa that can be reached within one day of the walk from KyangjinGompa.

People and Culture

Most of the peoples are from Tibetan origin. They call themselves ‘Sherpa’ although there is a vast difference between them and Sherpa’s of the Everest Region. Tamang, Rai, and Gurung peoples can be found in this area. To be fact, Tamangs are originated in Tibet but settled in Nepal considerably earlier then Sherpa’s. Culture refers to the style and behaviors what we believe and what we follow. Culture actually helps to build up the moral aspect of people. Wearing traditional dress during Buddha Jayanti is what the people of Langtang region prefer to do. They respect the guest saying ‘Namaste’. There’s a friendly cultural environment within the people of Langtang region.

Langtang valley trek difficulty, How difficult is langtang valley Trek

The Main Attractions of Langtang Valley Trek 

The top-most attraction is mountain views. LangtangLirung, the highest in the area dominates the skyline from KyangjinGompa village. You can see snow-capped mountains from the first day of the trek. If you’re an experienced mountaineer, you may attempt peaks: Yala Peak (5500m) which can be climbed in two days with one-night camping.
In every nook of the region, you can notice tea houses welcoming the guest. They remain normally empty throughout the year. The foods, snacks, and drinks are of good quality with proper accommodation. If you love rhododendrons, this is a trek for you. The forest areas look full of oaks, bamboo, beautiful greenery, and it’s quite peaceful to walk through. The destructive earthquake of 2012 AD took the lives of many families of the Langtang region. So, they are quite friendly and eagerly waiting guest to their tea house.
The Wildlife

How difficult is langtang valley trek, langtang trek difficulty

You can encounter Red Panda, the only animal found in the Langtang region. Monkeys, wild deer, and colorful lizards are some other animals of this region. After the earthquake, the tea houses are completely rebuilt. Now, they have a solar hot shower with hot water.,Langtang valley trek is the easiest trek in Nepal. The sounds of birds, blooming rhododendron followers, Red Panda welcomes your trek to Langtang region. The high peaks make the trek more adventurous. Have any queries regarding the trek? If yes, our core members are ready to assist you at any time as far as possible. 

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