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Most of the individuals passionate to experience mountain trekking and/or expedition activities in the Himalayan region ask a common question that how much difficulty they have to face to trek to the Mount Everest base camp.However, the fact, in this case, is that trekking to the Everest base camp is not at all difficult, provided you make sure to follow a few important recommendations or tips given by our experts with the help of this blog post.

Everest Base Camp Trek is a Straight Forward Trek instead of any Climb
First and the most important thing to keep in mind while deciding for EBC trek is it is not any climb. Instead, it involves trekking activity on most of the parts consists of mountain paths in combination with a few gentle gradients. Despite you may come across some of the steep sections on specific days of your trek; you may stop on such sections to have rest and acclimatization, while do not need to rush in any way. Furthermore, the EBC trek does not require any technical equipment, rope or crampon and even any technical skill. In simple words, we can say that Everest Base Camp trek is a straightforward type of trek performed on Himalayan mountain region.

Physical Fitness to Accomplish the Trek
Well, individuals want to accomplish the Everest Base Camp trek do not require any marathon standard of physical fitness. Rather, they should be competent enough to walk for at least 5 hours in a day with light daypacks. Most of the walks take place during the morning time itself, so that you may get afternoon for relaxation and soak up the culture as well as the atmosphere of amazing trek environments.

Training to Trek across High Altitude
Most of the times trekkers deal with the problem of altitude sickness or hallucination when they move ahead across high altitudes during the EBC trek. Reason for this is that at high altitudes, the percentage of oxygen reduced to almost half than that present at the sea level. Although, there is no specific treatment to deal with this problem; you may prevent it by following our good itinerary that involves enough time to rest and acclimatize, ascend to the altitude in a slow way, have good food and enough amount of water. Therefore, by following the mentioned valuable tips and recommendations, you may easily complete your trek to the Mount Everest Base Camp. 

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