• Sep 12, 2021

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Are you worried about the best month for trekking Everest Base Camp? If so, Adventure White Mountain guides you detail about the best month of the year. Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do in your past. So, throw off botheration, catch the flight and explore the world. Trekking around Everest Base Camp is like visiting heaven in the real world.

Everest Base Camp trekking has become the highly demanding trek in this modern era. One of the reasons for trekking is to see an alluring glimpse of mountains, the luminous sky, and glamorous nature. And for this, September is the best month. September is known as the month of the festival in Nepal. So, you can scrutinize and celebrate the solitary festival. Also, the temperature remains average and it will be very easy for you to trek. The nights do not remain very cold like winter.

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Reasons behind Everest Base Camp Trek in September

Sunshiny Weather

The weather of Everest is unpredictable. However, you can get sunny days and mild colder nights. It’s the time of the pre-winter season. Rainfall may occur sometime. The fluky of dark clouds is very less. The weather is stalwart than other months in the Everest region.

Average Temperature

The temperature ranges from 25 to 20 during daytime and it goes to -2 during night time. It is essential to have proper clothing for the night. The moderate temperature during day and night is found compared to other months.

Greenery Nature

Here comes the main reason for the Everest Base Camp trek in September. The barred cultivable lands become full of paddy, the trees with the new spring and the magnificent scenario of forest area make you feel that you can spend the rest of your life in the Everest region.

No hindrance in flight

As the weather looked clear, there is very less chance of flight delay and revocation. Also, there is the fewer chance of change in weather which makes you comfort during flight.

Fewer crowds

Among all the months, you can find very less crowd in September. You can choose your desirable routes and spend more time with nature. Also, you will not get any disturbance in lodges.

Comfort Accommodations

Since the crowd is very less compare to other months, you can have many choices for accommodations. You can save your money too because the price is low than that in peak seasons.

More pleasant views

You can enjoy the astounding views of mountain ranges, forest, and natural vegetation. The rainfall brings enthusiasm for roaming around the Everest region. The crystal clear sky strikes your eyes and you will definitely enjoy the views from Base Camp.

Fewer Winds

The days are not dusty and windy. The winds touch your skin and run away. It brings a kind of excitement to you. It has been found that the wind condition is 4km/hr. This means you can enjoy our trek with full pleasure.

Guidance before planning EBC Trek September

Carry waterproof clothes

The climate change in the Everest region is unpredictable. September is the month of less rainfall but, who knows it may rain heavily? So, carrying waterproof clothes will save you from being ill.

Carry minor insect repellants

The monsoon rain before September spreads insects like earthworm and leeches around the way. So, it is necessary for you to carry insect repellants.

Start your trek in the morning

There is a high chance of rainfall during the beginning of September. Mostly, you face rainfall in the evening time. So, start our trek in the morning around 4-5 am. Also, it helps you to get rid of boring.


You may feel September as the best month for trekking, of course, it is. But, being a trekker, you should never worry about the month. Whenever you go, you can have pre-planning which makes your trekking more effective. Overall, if you really wish to go in the less crowded, crystal clear sky, greenery and fewer winds period then we welcome you here. Adventure White Mountain is here to guide you.

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