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    James Wanton, Germany04/02/2022

    Helicopter ride to The Everest base camp

    The trip to the Helicopter tour was incredible, one left side was the snow-capped Himalayas during the flight, can see the green views and many falls from the Mountain. Just very clean and green with the High mountain on the side. The way to Lukla was so much fun and amazing. After the Lukla, many pass and rivers can see the glaciers, actually from Lukla to Base camp was a short flight which is around 10 minutes more or less. We flew over the base camp during the up and down. Landed nearby for the picture for a few minutes. Such an amazing view of Mt. Everest and much another snow-capped mountain. We have also landed at the Lukla and the Everest View Hotel. Both of those landings were just fantastic. Service from the company is recommended Thank you so much Dipak and Team.

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    Josh Jabornick, United Kingdom04/02/2022

    Helicopter landing at Kala Patthar

    We booked the trip with Adventure White Mountain. The trip was started at 7 AM. We were picked up from our hotel at 6 AM the morning. We had our driver who connected with the Helicopter Staff. It took us 45 Minutes to land at Lukla airport, we had 10 minutes stop over there. Again we flew to Basecamp. We flew close to the base camp and landed nearby with the best viewpoint of The Mount. Everest.
    The green hills were very clean with waterfalls around which was an amazing experience. During that time there was some cloud on the way and could not see the mountain from Everywhere, but After Lukla, the flying path was stunning, Glaciers, High Snow Caped Mountain closely. The landing was so great and so close to Mt. Everest for the Photos and videos. We had also landed at the Everest view hotel for the light lunch. Due to the weather, it was a bit quick but the best experience. The pilot was really experienced and this company has a great combination as well as the best crews. The company and trip are recommended.

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    Magda, Poland03/02/2022

    Helicopter landing at Kala Patthar

    The tour to Everest base camp by Helicopter was just amazing, I booked the trip with Adventure White Mountain, Dipak Sapkota was being very friendly and responsible all the time. I find them very reasonable and trustworthy, I recommend everyone to book this trip with Adventure White Mountain and team
    Thank you so much Dipak and Team.

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    Annie Geant, Canada03/02/2022

    Landing at Everest base camp by Helicopter

    I loved this flight tour that I booked last minute. The team was super nice and helpful to make it a great experience. The views are absolutely breathtaking and it was more than worth the money as you get to enjoy hours surrounded by beauty. Thank you so much Adventure White Mountain and Team for the wonderful time in Nepal, Cannot wait to see you guys do the Upper mustang trek next time 

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    Rajat Bhattacharya, India03/02/2022

    Awesome Experience

    We did The Everest base camp helicopter trip with this company at the recommendation of our trekking crew. The plan was excellent, we started at 6 AM and came back at 12 noon around, the landing was short but was enough for photos and video at the Kalapatthar. We flew over base camp very closely and also land at the Hotel Everest view and Lukla. The trip is the great value for money.

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    Robert Roy, Canada03/02/2022

    Everest Heli Tour

    I booked this trip with this company for the Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour which took me around four hours. there was a also landing at the Everest view hotel for more than thirty minutes for the breakfast but the landing at Kalapatthar / base camp was for less than10 minutes, Which was enough for the pictures and video. The view of Everest was just amazing as well as landing at the Lukla airport was memorable. I am happy that I found the right company for my Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour.

  • Cathy Chan
    Cathy Chan, Hong Kong03/02/2022

    Everest Helicopter Landing Tour

    We had an excellent trip to Everest base camp during this winter, Mr. Dipak responded very fast and he had given us all the information about the flight route as well as the landing spots, we have been very lucky with the weather and when we landed at Kalapather there was full of snow once again thank you Dipak and his team for an amazing trip.

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    Vinus Yin, Hong Kong03/02/2022

    Helicopter tour to Everest

    After trekking the incredible foothills of the Himalayas on our Everest base camp trek, we decided to take a Himalayan helicopter ride from Lukla.
    The helicopter ride was smooth and the majestic mountain ranges took our breath away. We took some great pictures and gathered memories that will last us for a lifetime.
    I would recommend this stunning experience for anyone trekking the Everest region. A two thumbs up to the team of adventure White Mountain for providing us with a delightful experience.