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Nepal is the land of peace, security, adventure, and harmony. Hardly, you find such a place with thousands of cultural heritage, mountains, hills, Adventurous valleys and mystery. The truth is that people respect each others culture and tradition. It's a racism-free country where Christian and Muslim sit on the same table as the Hotel. Yes, the history speaks, there are thousands of Nepali brave Gorkhas serving to USA, India, Britain and many other countries. 

The Upper Dolpa trek is the most extended treks in Nepal as it takes more than 20 days to finish. During this trek, the highest height is 4,530 m. to 5,115 m. Furthermore, it's the most strenuous trek in Nepal. The northern piece of Dolpa is generally called upper Dolpa and has dependably had an air of enchantment. The high valleys of Dolpa are probably the most amazing in the Himalayas with clearing perspectives extending to the bone-dry Tibetan level. Trekking here offers a genuine experience, in a remote, untainted piece of Nepal that has remained to a great extent unfamiliar.

This trek lead towards Dunai headquarters town of Dolpa. Achieving our first feature of the experience at emerald shading Phuksundo Lake close to the village of Ringmo, with time to wonder it's lovely encompassing our trip goes higher to cross Nangdalo/Kang-la, a high pass offering broad perspectives on Kagmara tops and as far to Dhaulagiri scope of mountains. As the trek advancement achieving our last goal at SheyGompa underneath a supernatural Gem Mountain implanted with semi-valuable stones, a fascinating spot of extraordinary old and verifiable significance. After a medium-term stop with a rest day to investigate the undisturbed zones of Shey Religious community, walk leads towards a pleasant town of Somdang and afterward to cross few passes traveling southeast coming to at Tokyu and Dho-Tarap a large exquisite city of internal upper Dolpa trekking. Our experience top Dolpa trek keeps following Dho-Tarap Waterway valley, achieving another charming town at Tarakot of authentic significance; a fortification town goes back to Malla period. Upper Dolpa Trek in August with Adventure White Mountain is reliable, cheap and affordable. We claim to be the only company organizing this trek throughout the year in Nepal. Come, join us and feel the difference. 

Upper Dolpa Trek in August, Dolpa Trek in June July August

Trip highlights:

  • The landscape of the Tibetan and Dhaulagiri peaks
  • Get in touch with Buddhist, Sherpa caste, culture and tradition
  • Outstanding views of Colorful Monasteries
  • Sightseeing around Kathmandu valley
  • Striking valleys and Desert environment

Upper Dolpa Weather Condition in August

Generally, August falls under summer season in Nepal. Summer season falls in between May and August. Moreover, the autumn season touches August in Nepal. The summer brings rainfall around upper Dolpa region. However, in August the moisture reduces, and there is very less chance of precipitation in this season. The trees, flowers, birds, and animals including flora and fauna, welcome you to Upper Dolpa Region. 

The temperature of Upper Dolpa trek in August

The temperature is not high as other summer months because of its starting month of Autumn season.  The average day temperature is 28 degree Celsius, and night is 19 degree Celsius. Generally, it rains in the night time. The trekking areas become lush green, and you can observe glorious landscapes of mountain ranges and the traditional village areas. 

Upper Dolpa Trek in August, Dolpa Trek in August,

Rainfall and Sunshine in August: Upper Dolpa Trek in August

Rainfall is unpredictable in this month. It may rain at any time. The average rainfall in this month is 350 mm which on average at least 20 days are predicted of rains. You can observe the sun for around 14 hours a day. Generally, the sun rises at 5:15 am and sets in around 7 pm. 

Why Upper Dolpa Trek in August with Adventure White Mountain

20 Days Upper Dolpo bundle included three standard  in Kathmandu and Nepalgunj with breakfast. We give twin dozing tent in quality with issues during the upper Dolpo trekking. Keep in mind that while we rest in tent convenience along the trekking come ground latrine. In Nepal, jungle lodging is incorporated before the trek and after. 

Suppers During Trekking 

During trekking session, full board suppers are incorporated (breakfast, Lunch, and supper just as tea or espresso gave). We provide each day perfect and clean Nepalese, Chinese, Indian, and Mainland nourishment by our outdoors cook and staffs. 

Upper Dolpa Trek in August, Upper Dolpa Trekking in Nepal

Safe Savoring Water Trekking 

Safe drinking water is significant while we are on trek and we prescribe that one should drink at any rate 3-4 litters multi water day. We give each day bubble clean water and including decontamination pills for the beverage of natural water. Close to this, if you wish to drink fixed pressed mineral and bubbled water, you can purchase on the way at additional expense.

Expert Trekking Guides and Staffs

Our Dedicated team staffs would help you a lot from all sorts of aspects. They're well known about all the routes, hotels and lodges. We organize a pre-meeting with our staffs about the trek. Also, hear from you about what sorts of guides and porter you prefer. Our guides are Government certified License holder with decades of experience in the relevant field. 


The Upper Dolpa trek in August is mesmerizing with millions of beautiful memories of forest, villages, locals, culture, tradition, monasteries, temples, wild lives and many more. We're pleased to welcome you for the trek. If you're planning to join us or want to ask any question regarding the trek, please Contact us. We're 24 hours available to answer you. 

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