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No doubt Everest Base Camp trek is the fantabulous trek. It’s an ultimate dream of every trekker to reach Kalapather just to chill with Mount Everest view and the stunning nature. The landscape around Lukla, Khumbu glacier, gigantic mountain ranges are breathtaking.

 The Everest Base Camp trek is an adventurous game for travel seeker because like in a game, the difficulty level goes on increasing on moving from lower elevation to higher elevation. Sometimes, you may face difficult condition at lower altitude too. Snowfall and mudslides may bring difficulty during Everest Base Camp trek. There is nothing to anguish about the route we had clearly discussed Best time for Everest Base Camp Trek in our previous blog. Everest Base Camp trek is a wonderland. The environment around the Everest region is thrilling. The melodious voice of birds and animals and natural beauty adds beauty to the trek. Taking in mind about the trek, here is the list of top 7 reasons why you do the Everest Base Camp trek.

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Fly in  and out from Lukla Airport

Lukla Airport is the most dangerous airport in the world. The airport is arranged on a precipice and drop off downwards towards the finish of the runway. The journey starts with a 40-minute mountain flight from Kathmandu Airport to Lukla. You will be honored with the superb perspectives of mountains parallel to you and a beautiful scene just beneath you. Landing on Kalapather, you will get the amazing views of glorified nature and Mount Everest in front of you.

12 Days Everest Base Camp Trek, 10 Days Everest Base Camp Trek

The popular town- Namche Bazaar

We found that few of the trekker who is still confused about the Namche Bazaar. It’s a mountainous town in the Khumbu region. There are ATM’s available, also all sorts of equipment necessary for trekking. So, you may buy the equipment’s from Namche Bazaar if you forgot to buy at Kathmandu. Everest Base Camp trek becomes more exciting when you reach Namche Bazaar. The place around Namche Bazaar is crowdy. This is the busiest town in the Everest region. The trekkers on their way, local people shouting and selling their products and children playing together are lovely.

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The famous teahouses

In case you’re an amateur trekker, teahouses will begin to look like sparkling reference points of light toward the finish of a difficult day trekking. Traditional Nepalese foods with beer when you are getting tired make the Everest Base Camp trek glorious. The teahouses welcome you with the word ‘Namaste’ which brings inspirational feeling to you. The friendly environment in the teahouse will help you to feel relief.

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The Lifestyle of Sherpa people

Everest Base Camp trek is a contingency to meet Sherpa people, get closer to them and learn about their lifestyle and culture. Sherpa’s are brave Nepalese mountain climbers. The first people to climb Mount Everest from Nepal belong to the Sherpa community. The porters you hire belong to Sherpa society. Not exclusively is the Sherpa’s known for their mind-blowing mountaineering aptitudes, they are adding a portion of the friend list individuals that you will experience on your Everest Base Camp trek.

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National Parks and Monasteries

Sagarmatha National Park and Tengboche monastery are the main attractions during the Everest Base Camp trek. The national park offers wide ranges of flora and fauna and varieties of birds and animals. It is enlisted in World Heritage site by UNESCO. It’s a fascinating park full of glaciers, rivers, forest, mountains and alpine grassland.
You can encounter the number of monasteries and gompas on the trail. During the one day stay at Tengboche, you will get a chance to visit Tengboche monastery. The prayer ceremony is conducted every morning and evening in the monastery. Trekkers receive blessings for a successful journey ahead in the Tengboche monastery.

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Kalapather and sight of Everest 

Here comes the most awaited point. The Everest Base Camp trek is all about reaching Kalapather which is actually a hill just in front of Mount Everest. The place provides the superb panoramic view of Mount Everest. The 360° views of the naturist environment make you feel that you are in paradise. The sunrise and sunset views are lovely.

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Sense of accomplishment

Everest Base Camp trek is not an easy task. Climbing Kalapather hill and trekking for average 5 hours daily is really a tedious task. After all, at the end of the journey, you get a certain kind of unique feeling within yourself. Sharing about the trek to your children, friend becomes a sweet story. The time and effort that you gave for the trek will raise a sense of achievement to your mind.

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