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A company that believes in sharing knowledge Adventure White Mountain has almost a decade of experience backing them up.  The founder Dipak Sapkota who began the journey in the industry as a support staff later went on to take in many roles, each bettering him as a result, today he has channeled all that he has learned into this company. Understanding the impact the industry can have on people and communities, one of the company’s main objective is to allow for their activities to provide earning opportunities to village settlements in where we do business, additionally, Adventure White Mountain also provides job opportunities for youths looking to get into the industry. A socially conscious company that has many CSR activities under their wing, Adventure White Mountain is a prime example of a company that strives for greatness by doing well to the community and people.

This sentiment of ethically doing business also extends towards how we manage our customers providing them with quality service at an extremely reasonable price. Our objective to provide you with any experiences that surpass your expectations and doing it through honest means of communication, companionships, and understanding. From your very first interaction with us, we try to establish a bond with you understand what you want out of your trip, our experienced guides and staff later work towards giving you just what you came for and perhaps a little more. We do not just operate with a sentiment of making money but rather to understand and learn from you as well, which is why our humane way of doing business allows for us to have free-flowing two-way communication, ease, and hospitality that cannot be replicated very easily. Rather than working in automation we find unique ways to showcase the country so you see it with new eyes whether you are a new traveler or a returning one.

Additionally, we are extremely proactive and have gone through many pieces of training to ensure that you have achieved a level of perfectionism where we are undeterred by shortfalls the unique landscape of Nepal may present to us. Our experiences, knowledgeable staff, kind hearts and exceptional hospitality have caused many explorers to return to and we hope you give us the chance to show you Nepal our way, the right way.

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